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7 Events at the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival

7 Events at the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival

Every year, food and wine enthusiasts flock to Martha’s Vineyard for the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival, the island’s signature food and wine event. The festival offers food and wine enthusiasts an opportunity to meet local chefs, farmers, oyster producers, and fishermen who contribute to Martha’s Vineyard’s rich tradition of fishing, farming, and outstanding food.

The 2019 festival, which will take place from October 23-27, will feature a number of events at various venues on the island. Check out the following list of seven of the best events at this year’s festival:

1. Fresh off the Farm

One of the top events on opening day is Fresh off the Farm, which will take place on Wednesday, October 23 at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society. The event will include a selection of outstanding wines carefully curated by Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant. Furthermore, attendees will be treated to music by Good Night Louise, a popular band on the island. The proceeds for Fresh off the Farm will go to the Agricultural Society’s Farmers Program and Island Grown Schools.

2. The Ultimate Wash-a-Shore Dinner

On Thursday, October 24, food and wine enthusiasts can enjoy a wide selection of wines paired with delicious cuisine at State Road Restaurant in West Tisbury. The restaurant, which focuses on local and seasonal products, is overseen by head chef Augustus Paquet-Whall, who will prepare a delicious fall dinner carefully paired with excellent wines.


The event will also feature Dan Michaud of Ruby Wines; fine wine specialist Anna Ward; and Marie Keep of Skinner’s Fine Wine Auctions, the only major New England auction house that offers wine and spirts at auction. The auction house operates five fine wine auctions per year and has been named by The Quarterly Review of Wines as “one of the most professional wine auctions in the county.”

3. Bubbles & Seafood

On Friday, October 25, l’etoile Restaurant in Edgartown will again host the Bubbles & Seafood event. The event will feature five champagne cuvées from five producers. Served by Dan Michaud of Ruby Wines, these cuvées will come from both artisanal family growers and large Grand Marque wine houses. The wines will be paired with shellfish from Edgartown and seafood caught by local fishermen in the waters surrounding the island.

4. Walking Tour of Edgartown with Patrick Ahearn

On Saturday, October 26, the festival will host a tour of downtown Edgartown led by Patrick Ahearn, an architect with offices in Boston and on Martha’s Vineyard. The tour, which will begin at Rosewater Market, will continue through downtown, where Ahearn will discuss the evolution of Edgartown over the years. The tour will conclude with a reception featuring sparkling wine and light fare at The Carnegie, a historic downtown landmark. At the Carnegie, guests can check out the Vineyard Trust’s Living Legends Exhibit, which features the Preservation Trust’s 20 working properties.

5. Grand Tasting

The festival will feature the Grand Tasting on Saturday. The Grand Tasting is one of the signature events every year. The event, which will take place at Winnetu Oceanside Resort, will include more than 250 winemakers, breweries, spirits, restaurants, and gourmet foods. The Grand Tasting will also feature cooking demonstrations by top local chefs, with food skillfully paired with a variety of wines. VIP ticket holders can access the tent early at to enjoy oysters and champagne.


6. Champagne & Donuts

On Sunday, October 27, guests can start their day at the Rosewater Market for the Champagne & Donuts event. This unique event will feature a producer who will explain the tasting notes of the champagne. In addition, Nicole Baxter, a baker at Rosewater Market, will walk guests through the process that leads to delicious Rosewater donuts.

7. Paella Challenge

The Beach Road Restaurant in Vineyard Haven will host the Paella Challenge on Sunday. During this event, Mike Smith of Ole Imports and Dan Michaud of Ruby Wines will compete to see who makes the best paella. The two met years ago while traveling in Spain, and today they enjoy going head to head in this fun paella competition.

The event will begin with a variety of tapas served with cava, white wine, and rosés from both Spain and Portugal. The pair have toured all the wineries whose wines they will pour, so guests can expect an exceptional selection of wines to go with the tapas and paellas. Smith will be serving his seafood paella in Valencian style, and Michaud will prepare his Rohan duck paella over an open fire.

The aforementioned events represent just a fraction of all there is to see and do at the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival. Before deciding on which events to attend, visit to obtain more information about the wine experts and chefs lined up for the plethora of events at this year’s festival.