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3 Programs for Veterans at the Purple Heart Foundation

3 Programs for Veterans at the Purple Heart Foundation

Purple Heart Foundation

The Purple Heart Foundation (PHF) strives to ease the often-difficult transition between military and civilian life for veterans across the United States. To achieve this goal, the organization offers special programs to help veterans navigate different life stages and overcome the challenges that they face. Here’s a look at some of the unique programming at PHF:

1. Service Dog Program

PHF believes that every veteran should be able to return to their civilian life while enjoying the same independence as their peers. The organization’s service dog program connects veterans who sustained injuries in combat—whether physical or emotional—with companion animals that empower them to live as independently as possible.   

PHF provides service dogs at zero cost to veterans and their families. Instead, the program focuses on helping veterans establish a bond of trust with their dog. With canine companions at their side, many veterans can rejoin society with more confidence and participate in activities they may have found too challenging otherwise.

2. Academic Scholarship Program

PHF’s Academic Scholarship Program helps veterans prepare for successful civilian careers by making it easier to pursue higher education. These scholarships supplement G.I. Bill benefits, making college more affordable for veterans, their spouses, children, and grandchildren. Recipients can use the money to cover any college-related expense, including books and tuition.

3. Veteran Assistance Grants

Veterans facing financial crises can access the immediate help they need through PHF’s Veteran Assistance Grants. This program covers emergency debts such as rent, utilities, and healthcare, with payments going directly to the veteran’s creditors. These grants have become a vital resource for veterans in crisis who need help fast.

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